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  • Gobabeb Research and Training Centre
  • Gobabeb Research and Training Centre
  • Gobabeb Research and Training Centre
  • Gobabeb Research and Training Centre

Information Day 2013

Summer Development Programme (SDP) participants, friends, interested stakeholders and the simply curious will gather at Gobabeb for the reportback from the SDP 2012/ 2013 season. A Role Play backed up by extensive hard data will tell attendees about their findings. In the Swakop River, 37% of all Faidherbia albida are dead while in the Kuiseb River only 4% are dead. Why the discrepancy? Come and find out.


New Wheels for NERMU

NERMU (the Namib Ecological Restoration and Monitoring Unit) at Gobabeb recently received a new four-wheel drive bakkie which will be used by the Centre in its efforts to monitor the impacts of mining in the central Namib. NERMU is being sponsored by the German government and coordinated through the Geological Survey of Namibia. To show their commitment to Namibia's sustainable future, Indongo Toyota has sponsored part of the costs of a new vehicle.


SDP in the Swakop River

The Summer Development Programme completed its first three-week session on 21 December 2012. Ten students or recent graduates from UNAM and the Polytechnic spent eight days in the Lower Swakop River investigating the health of anaboome in the area where Uranium Mining is taking place.


Welcome Gillian!

Gobabeb is excited to welcome our new Director, Dr Gillian Maggs-Kölling. A plant taxonomist by training, Gillian has spent her career in government where she worked to promote botany and its appropriate applications in a previously livestock-orientated agricultural research system. Gillianworked for the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry for 26 years, firstly at the National Botanical Research Institute (Directorate of Agricultural Research and Training) and then as the Deputy Director of Forest Research (Directorate of Forestry). She is taking over from Acting Director, Dr Mary Seely, who directed Gobabeb from 1970 to 1998 and is a long-time associate and board member.

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