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Third Youth Environmental Summit

"Proud of Our Desert While Combating Desertification" 

The Gobabeb Research and Training Centre in its efforts to contribute to the education of young Namibians in matters of environmental concern is inviting 30 Grade 11 learners from the Erongo Region to take part in its 3rd Youth Environmental Summit. The Summit will take place between the 17th - 24th of August 2013 (during the school holidays). The Theme of the summit will be "Proud of Our Desert While Combating Desertification". The output of the YES! will form part of a special side-event at the UNCCD COP 11 in Windhoek in September 2013. This event is being sponsored by the Embassy of Finland, and supported by the Ministry of Education.


Day Out At Ganab!

On the 28th and 29th of May the three students participating in this year’s Desert Science and Research Training programme (DeSeRT), led by Noah Fribley and Anna Day, took a trip to Ganab, a satellite office of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in the Namib Naukluft Park. The students were guided by David Mason and Matheus Elago in several activities which involved overnighting to patrol the park.


Youth Environmental Summit 2013

Gobabeb Research and Training Centre recently held its second Youth Environmental Summit (YES), with this event culminating in National Biodiversity Action Day. Learners from eight schools in the Erongo Region came to take part. The overarching theme was Climate Change and Biodiversity.


The Iconic Species for Biodiversity Action Day 2013

The Creator Has an Inordinate Fondness for Beetles

While the discussion continues as to whether it was Charles Darwin or JBS Haldane who made this quotable quote, the fact that there are over 300,000 species of beetles compared to less than 8,000 species of birds on earth does suggest some truth in the matter. Perhaps even more amazing is the diversity of tenebrioid beetles (tok-tokkies) of the Namib Desert when most deserts are thought to be relatively devoid of life.

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