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Gobabeb Research & Training Centre

Research Internships

Data Management and Field Assistant

Gobabeb conducts a range of long-term environmental monitoring projects and has been doing so for 50 years. This makes Gobabeb one of the leading Namibian institutions concerning environmental monitoring. Staff of the research section manage knowledge and develop expertise in support of training, educational materials, environmental assessments, outreach, tourism, filming and a whole host of other services that Gobabeb offers. A range of projects are ongoing, and yet there remains a large volume of historic data, especially climate monitoring data, which requires electronic archiving.

One current focus of research at Gobabeb is the post-mining restoration of arid lands. More specifically, we are currently working to understand the properties of arid soils and how to manage these in restoration of mined land. Data Management and Field Assistant Interns will thus assist with the entry, management and archiving of historical weather data as well as taking current daily weather readings. In addition, interns will assist in the day-today management and facilitation of restoration and other research projects.

Qualifications: Advanced English skills both writing and speaking. Computer proficiency especially with Microsoft Office, including Access Database and Excel. Must be very meticulous. Experience in data handling and capability to work independently and in a team are desired. 


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