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Tour Programmes

Nature Walk

The nature walk is a 60-90 minute tour a staple of the Gobabeb experience. Visitors will learn about the enormous biodiversity of the Namib while traversing all three ecosystems around the Centre. The walk highlights many unique plant and animal adaptations to the desert (like the trap door spider which cooks its food on the hot sand), the incredible ecology of the Kuiseb River, and discussions about the geology of the Namib Sand Sea, Namibia’s most recent UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Station Tour

Visitors can participate in a 45-minute tour of Gobabeb to learn the history and various on-going projects the Centre hosts. During the tour you will learn about much of the research that Gobabeb has done over the last 50 years while visiting the Gobabeb weather station (the only first-order weather station between Windhoek and Walvis Bay), the research labs, and the Gobabeb-DRFN library, the world’s largest library on the Namib Desert. The tour also highlight’s Gobabeb’s commitment to the application of appropriate technology and sustainable living by visiting the first solar-diesel hybrid energy grid in Namibia as well as the iconic Gobabeb water tower.

Night Walk

For overnight guests, this short 15 minute walk highlights the fascinating world of the Kuiseb River after sundown. Gobabeb staff will help visitors search for some of the Namib’s most beautiful endemic scorpions while discussing the ecology and behavior of many of the desert’s nocturnal wildlife.

Cultural Trail

During this 60-90 minute walk, guests will learn about how past and current residents of the Namib live in such a hyper-arid environment. Visitors will explore the Kuiseb River learning about the indigenous Topnaar people who continue to live in villages along the river’s banks. The tour covers various Topnaar uses of plants and animals in the desert as well as cultural traditions including the traditional harvesting of the endemic !nara melon.


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