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Gobabeb Research & Training Centre

Welcome GTRIP 2017

The seventh annual GTRIP began last week and is now in full swing! GTRIP, short for Gobabeb Training and Research Internship Programme, provides an interdisciplinary research experience for emerging Namibian scientists. For the next 5 months our four participants will live and work at Gobabeb

while conducting individual independent research projects under the guidance of Gobabeb researchers. The diverse research topics this year include: !nara physiology, abiotic factors impacting !nara dune hummocks, scorpion burrow formation, and radon emissions from a uranium mine. The participants will design and implement their own experiment, write a formal scientific paper, and present their findings to the public in June 2017. In addition to their research experience, the GTRIP programme also includes a weekly journal club, an annual symposium, field trips to unique ecological sites, a three day backpacking trip, and opportunities to interact and learn from the multitude of scientists conducting research at the station. We are excited to see what GTRIP 2017 comes up with and are confident that these four will produce impressive scientific research!

Throughout their time at Gobabeb, GTRIP students will periodically write articles about life and events at Gobabeb. Stay tuned for their first article about the Kuiseb River flood!

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