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Gobabeb Research & Training Centre

Show-and-tell for African Biosafety Experts at Gobabeb

Gobabeb proudly hosted delegates attending the 20th annual Africa Biosafety meeting for National Project Co-ordinators of the UNEP-GEF for the implementation of National Biosafety Frameworks - for a one-day field excursion on 29 July 2016.

This group of visitors represented 11 African countries from as far afield as Egypt, Liberia, Ethiopia and Madagascar. As a strategic research centre in Namibia, Gobabeb could share experiences regarding the ongoing scientific activities and flagship training programmes. Delegates experienced first-hand the unique ecology of the hyper-arid Namib Desert and learned more about the long-term monitoring efforts within various disciplines. Gobabeb also related examples of how science-based evidence can be used to underpin national policy and planning actions. It was an excellent opportunity to meet old friends and forge new linkages with African colleagues and the National Commission of Research Science and Technology is acknowledged for facilitating this engagement.



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