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Roland M

Roland Mushi

Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology Intern

Born and raised in Dar es Salaam City - Tanzania, Roland finds himself in Namibia for a number of reasons. He was first introduced to Gobabeb in 2012 when he came as a visitor but later on developed an interest and passion with the research and other scientific activities carried out in this arid-environment. To fulfill that passion, he has recently joined Gobabeb as an intern under the FogNet project (Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology).


Saima Shikesho

Saima is a graduate from the University of Namibia where she completed her Honours degree in Environmental Biology. Her passion and interest towards the environment and the beauty of nature brought her to Gobabeb as an intern under the Gobabeb Training and Research Internship Programme (GTRIP) to enhance her knowledge and skills about scientific research and understand more about the Environment and the adaptations of organisms to their environments.




Greg Golando

Research Assistant

Greg Golando is a naturalist scientist and recent Graduate student, having achieved a Bachelor’s degree in environmental biology from State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY ESF) in Syracuse, New York, U.S.A. He is currently engaged in an unpaid research internship at Gobabeb and intends to begin a Master’s study on an ecological relationship in the Namib from a biochemical perspective while he is here. Greg’s strongest background wells are in entomology, mycology, and chemistry but he also enjoys learning about botany, geology, anthropology/archaeology, meteorology, and particle/wave physics. He claims that he is almost as happy in the lab as he is in the field.


Jessie Roberts

Jessie has had the privilege of travelling, hiking, camping and exploring throughout remote areas of Namibia. This exploration has instilled in her a love for all life, and wonder for the intricacies of ecosystems and the need for adaptive multi-disciplinary conservation of entire environments, especially in areas affected by rapid global changes. This led her to study a B.Sc. in Applied Biology and Evolution and Ecology as well as an Honours degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa. After completing these studies, she returned to Namibia interested in changes over time in a changing world to work as a researcher at Gobabeb to help protect our beautiful natural heritage.


Gobabeb Training & Research Internship Programme Participants


Halleluya Natanael Shaanika

As a young boy fascinated by science, Halleluya (SDP20 Participant) is a student from the University of Namibia, where he completed his B.Sc. Hons. Degree in Environmental Biology (major) and Geology (minor). He is interested in geology and terrestrial ecology. He believes that damage to the environment must be prevented and activities which cause such damage must be controlled and reduced. As GTRIP 2018 participant (Gobabeb Training and Research Internship Programme) during his time at Gobabeb he will develop and carry out a project entitled: “Investigate the impact of tailings dam failure on vegetation growth at Langer Heinrich Uranium mine in Central Namib Desert”.


Jonas Lipopila

Born and raised in Eunda-Uukolonkadhi in Omusati Region, Jonas recently completed his BSc. in Environmental Biology (Honours) from the University of Namibia. As a young emerging scientist, he advocates for sustainable utilization of Natural resources, protection of Namibia`s fragile ecosystems as well as management of biodiversity. Jonas has keen interest in working as a Conservation Biologist and contribute positively to our knowledge of biodiversity through raising awareness on Namibia`s diverse flora and fauna as well as doing more research on the impacts of humans on arid environments such the Namib Desert.


Esther Nambahu

Esther will be completing her Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources Management at Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) this year. During her years of study, Esther has come to value the importance of conservation, the need to protect our natural resources and environment from degrading; and to educate people about it. She has a keen interest in aquatics, ecology and scientific research which is important to conservation management. During Gobabeb Training and Research Internship Programme (GTRIP), she looks forward to learning more about the arid ecology of the Namib Desert, which is one of the environments she finds fascinating due to the way organisms survive in the harsh arid conditions; and she also looks forward to gain research skills and experience that will well prepare her for future research projects.


Dortea Hamukoto

Dortea is a graduate from the University of Namibia where she obtained her Honours degree in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. She is fascinated by nature and driven by the aspiration of understanding how humans’ intervention in the ecosystems influence the wellbeing of the flora and fauna and love advocating for minimizing human impacts on ecosystems. She would like to pursue her Masters in Biodiversity Conservation and Management. Currently she is doing a research internship at the Centre. At the end of the internship she hopes to have more knowledge on biodiversity and experience in planning and implementing a research, as research is an important cornerstone to management. Her project will be looking at the pod production of Acacia erioloba.


Zazapamue Hange

Hange is a 25 years old Botswana-born Namibian. He has been at the University of Namibia from, 2014 to 2017, where he completed a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology (major) and Geology (minor). In his final year at the University of Namibia, Hange has conducted a study on Stipagrostis uniplumis (a perennial grass species). He has interest In Terrestrial Ecology, Conservation Biology and Restoration Ecology. He is currently a GTRIP intern at Gobabeb Research & Training Centre. At Gobabeb Hange is committed to doing a research on the use of predawn stem water potential to detect plant available moisture in the lower Kuiseb River.


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